Friday, April 12, 2013

How to Care for Braces?

Today, more than ever before, children and teens alike are choosing braces to correct dental imperfections and as a measure to straighten and properly align their entire teeth structure. Also, it is widely used as a complement to both clinical and cosmetic procedures. Here are a few useful tips to follow when taking care of your braces and to avoid accidents that may permanently harm both your teeth and inner gum.

  • Choosing the right toothbrush There are many specialized tooth brushes available in the market that are designed specifically for people having braces. Therefore, make sure that you get the one that suits your needs.
  • Brush with care When you first get the braces, you may find it difficult to brush at first. However, if you get the right tooth brush, it will be much easier for you to perform this activity. Do not try to use rigorous motions, use soft strokes. Also, do not forget to brush at least twice a day so that no big chunks of food particles stay in your teeth.
  • Floss Flossing is essential for you because you have braces. Therefore make sure to floss regularly, even daily so that smaller food particles do not stay stuck in the braces and create cavities in the teeth.

  • Avoid few food items Getting braces may also mean that you cannot chew a bubble gum anymore. Avoid any foods that are hard to chew. This may include carrots and other such vegetables which need to be chomp a lot as it may hurt your teeth. Moreover, stay away from gooey sticky substances as well. You should avoid chocolates, too much cheese and noodles. These substances tend to stay inside the small spaces of the braces and are often hard to remove with simple brushing. Moreover, they will decay over there and cause your teeth further damage.
  • Wear your mouthguard and headgear Whenever you go out, remember to always wear a mouthguard and a headgear. These two items help protect your teeth from physical damages. The headgear is particularly used to help keep the teeth perfectly aligned.
  • Don't miss an appointment Never miss your appointments with your dentist at either Van Nuys or Glendale.Always come for regular checkups to make sure everything is working right. Remember that wearing braces takes a long time and you must regularly visit your dentist at Van Nuys or Glendale, if you want the process to follow the right direction. By doing this, your dentist will be able to fix any damaged braces in time and also help you achieve the perfect smile you dream of, which is your current goal.