Thursday, September 25, 2014

What should I do if my tooth falls out?

Taking care of your smile should be a priority for your overall health. Your smile is a fundamental structure of your facial features and should be cared for accordingly as you only get one set of teeth for a lifetime. However, tooth decay and accidents do occur. The good news? There are way to sometimes save or replace the missing tooth.

If an accident occurs or you are suffering from severe tooth decay and a tooth falls out, you should immediately visit your dentist for a solution. There are many ways to cover a missing tooth, and it is extremely important that you visit us in a timely manner since the open space can cause other teeth to shift. Also, if the tooth fell our due to an accident, any pieces left can lead to an infection.

A missing tooth may affect your look and impact your self-esteem. It also leaves the surrounding teeth vulnerable to shifting. Our dentists at Cyberdent will recommend the best option for you, ranging from dental implants or bridges to dentures. All treatment options provide a solution so you can smile confidently and happily. Visit our dental practice today to learn more!